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Humble Beginning (Site is Under Constructions)

Passion Bakery was a dream of ours. It all started when my best friend Ron made and baked high quality cookies for us at home. Ron gave us the recipe and we took on development of our own recipe from there. Once we formulated our own cookie people took us by surprise when they soon became everyone’s favorite! Through this we discovered one of our gifts and a huge passion for baking was created! In 2009 we registered Passion LLC, which now is several companies doing business as, Passion Bakery Café, Passion Bread Co., Passion Cookie Co..

Our creativity continues to expand from cookies, to hamburger buns, sourdough breads, multi-grains bread & much more. We run both wholesale and retail operations from the same location.

We continue to follow our creativity & passion, which led us to where we are today and soon we will be opening the only Gluten Free bakery operation on our island. This will be a specialty products designed mainly for wholesale production. Our ideas are to use organic and locally produced flours. To start with our local supplier we will be using banana and taro flour.

Our dreams have truly become a reality & we are doing what we love. Come and Visit our Bakery! We would love to share with all of you our special love & care for bringing the Best Bread & baked goods to all the people on Kauai.

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies