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Our Products:

  • Hand Pies *
  • *(using the best local fruits when in season)
  • Shortbreads & Variety of Awesome Cookies
  • Breakfast & Plate Lunches
  • Chilli Pepper Chicken
  • Loco Moco using local meat
  • Fruit Muffins
  • Espresso, Coffee & Tea
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Artisan Breads

Kaluga Pig


Kalua Pig Loco Moco


Philly Cheesesteak


Warden’s Chicken Mild or Spicy


12 oz boneless chicken thigh w/skin fried to perfection with 4 oz side of sauce (Note Mild or Spicy at checkout)

Hamburger Steak


Wailua Beef Co. (2) 5 oz patties, with mushroom, onions, brown gravy, rice, and mac salad.

Changes coming

$9.99 N/A

New item coming soon

Hamburger Steak Loco Moco


Wailua Beef Co. (2) 5 oz patties, rice, and mac salad (Note how you like your eggs at checkout)

Hamburger Steak Loco Moco

Our Products

Fruit Hand Pies

Breakfast & Plate Lunches

All Fruits Smoothies

Fruit Muffins

Passion, Mango, & Blueberry

Espresso, Coffee and Tea

Artisan Bread