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We do our very best to keep pricing current, however with being short staffed prices are not alway kept up. Please forgive us for any old information. We are in the process of updating our online menu. Prices alway subjected to change with our current economic conditions. Cordially Management.

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Our Products:

  • Hand Pies *
  • *(using the best local fruits when in season)
  • Shortbreads & Variety of Awesome Cookies
  • Breakfast & Plate Lunches
  • Chilli Pepper Chicken
  • Loco Moco using local meat
  • Fruit Muffins
  • Espresso, Coffee & Tea
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Artisan Breads

Kaluga Pig


Kalua Pig Loco Moco


Philly Cheesesteak


Warden's Chicken Mild or Spicy


12 oz boneless chicken thigh w/skin fried to perfection with 4 oz side of sauce (Note Mild or Spicy at checkout)

Hamburger Steak


Wailua Beef Co. (2) 5 oz patties, with mushroom, onions, brown gravy, rice, and mac salad.

Changes coming

$9.99 N/A

New item coming soon

Hamburger Steak Loco Moco


Wailua Beef Co. (2) 5 oz patties, rice, and mac salad (Note how you like your eggs at checkout)

Hamburger Steak Loco Moco

Our Products

Fruit Hand Pies

Breakfast & Plate Lunches

All Fruits Smoothies

Fruit Muffins

Passion, Mango, & Blueberry

Espresso, Coffee and Tea

Artisan Bread